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Finance, Investments & Stupidity

By on Mar 19, 2012 | 1 comment

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I’m sick of all the ‘financial advisors’. They come in wearing suits & boots, they have an MBA and they give you all the jargon filled speech which no-one understands. I’ve totally began hating the words ‘liquidity’ and ‘percentage’ and ‘investments’ and ‘units’ and ‘mutual funds’. I just hate you! My common sense tells me the person sitting in front of me is an idiot who thinks I’ll try to appear ‘smarter’ by showing that I understand every word they utter and finally ‘signing-up’ to the investment plan rated ‘the best’ by an unknown agency with an Italian sounding name.

Y U No Financial Advisor Meme

My common sense tells me that it’s *foolish* to invest Rs. 50,000 today and get Rs. 250,000 at the end of 10 years. You know what? I can easily turn those 50,000 into Rs. 250,00,000 by investing them in my own venture in next 10 years easily. Don’t give me the crap folks! I’m not your regular guinea pig (a typical IT Company Worker). I won’t get impressed by your American/British accent filled with financial buzzwords. I’ve just had enough! Oh yeah, don’t give me that emotional crap to sell insurance, you fraudsters!

…and keep your MBA in finance in your own pocket. Instead of selling me your crappy plans, first focus on becoming a billionaire yourself. Okay?

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