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Why Is Evil Winning All The Time & Why Does Truth Always Wins At “The End”?

By on Apr 4, 2012 | 2 comments

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I’ve always been told that ‘The Truth Wins At The End’ and I’m now experiencing it – well it’s yet to win and I’m not sure whether I’ll see it winning in this century. But one thing is sure, the bad and the evil seems to be winning all the time! The good people are suffering and the bad people are having all the fun. People who try to raise their voices against the black money are beaten to death and those who dupe country with hundreds of crores of rupees have a blast in jail and are then set free.

Evil Wins

I Win

People are sleeping. No one seems to have a clue how to deal with the situation and 90% of the people don’t seem to be bothered about the evil-doers. The inflation is all time high. There are people who don’t have enough to eat and then there are people who just can’t stop eating. What’s going on in this world?

Do you know?


  1. Circularsquare

    April 6, 2012

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    Most of us carry the assumption that there is an overseeing entity which ensures the victory of ‘good’ ¬†over ‘evil’. Maybe we need to remind ourselves that this is an assumption and not a fact based on evidence. Perhaps there is no one sitting in the heavens who is watching us. This realization will reduce some of the pain and make us act for our own good.

    (Imagine a class , suppose there is a monitor in it. Fear of that monitor will prevent wrong doings in the class.
    Now imagine another class in which there is no monitor. It is entirely up to the students to either behave in a disciplined manner or not. The students need to realise that disciplined behavior will give rewards in the long term.)Secondly , the notion of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ is relative. The people who are ‘evil’ according to you have a different notion of ‘good’. We have to ensure by our actions that our own definition of ‘good’ is more widely accepted (by politicians).

  2. Senthil

    April 19, 2012

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    as a citizen we can pay taxes regularly and practice to not to give bribe.. may be tat works

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