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Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition & People’s Obsession With Photographs!

By on Apr 10, 2012 | 3 comments

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The big story of the week is that Facebook has reached an agreement to acquire Instagram – arguably the most popular Appl on iOS for sharing photos. The more interesting part? Mark Zuckerberg is more than happy to shell out $1 billion to acquire the app maker company that does not make money! Instagram has, I’ve heard just 12 employees and that makes the per employee valuation of $100 million. Everyone on the planet secretly wishes they were the Instagram founders! Well, Instagram did manage to get over 30 million users on iOS (and growing) and even added 6 million Android users in just 6 days after the android version of the app.

People Love Watching Photos

Another fastest growing startup in the silicon valley is Pintrest – a service that lets you pin photographs and share them with friends. The common thing between Instagram and Pinterest: Photographs! People are obsessed with photographs! Take out photos out of Facebook and I bet their user-base will shrink down to under 30%! Even the whole new ‘Timeline’ feature is all about photographs with timestamps!

…and people love watching each other’s photographs. I’ve seen people spend hours and hours watching totally strange people’s photos in albums. The most favorite being the ‘Wedding Album’. I’ve often wondered how one wedding album differs from the other. I hope you’ll agree with me that every wedding album looks almost the same, with same poses, the same dresses, people with the same expression, the same start and the same end. Yet, people love spending countless hours on watching stanger’s wedding album!

I find it totally stupid. What pleasures do you derive watching other people’s photos? Don’t you have a better job to do in the whole world?


  1. a reader

    April 11, 2012

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    A very different point of view is this- “Khuhiya baatnein se badhti hai”. And we capture our happy mood, moments in photographs. Ever seen a mommy taking a picture of her crying baby? If we see someone’s life only in their photographs then we’ll feel that these people are the happiest people on earth, they had absolutely no tense moments in life. ‘To bas log apni apni choti choti baatein share karte hai. Kabhi kabhi purane yaar, log dekhke man ko accha lagta hai, purani acchi, khatti yaadein taja ho jati hai’. It can also brighten your mood. That’s it. People have no intention of spying into other’s lives, ’cause they have their own lives to live 😉

  2. Sudhakar

    May 21, 2012

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    Simple fact. Facebook wants to go for ipo. And wanted everyone to think only about facebook.
    Suddenly Instagram would have popped up on the news.
    With over 30million users to 50million users during the deal/talk.
    Its generally a method to suppress someone from the market is to buy out them. 🙂 biz logic works there.

    About photo, possibly in wedding albums. Especially girls/females look for each others ornaments and facials/styles. Rest other check for alternate genders where attraction is towards the most which spoils them everytime they see those pics of others and thinks see he/she is on my screen … WoW…
    Luckily i hate to see even my photos somewhere.

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