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Shah Rukh Khan Detention At US Airport Is India’s National Issue

By on Apr 13, 2012 | 1 comment

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Shah Rukh Khan was detained at US International Airport for about 90 minutes as the security personnel asked him questions. The interesting part? The news is a national issue and every leading publication (heck, even I’m writing about it) including Times Of India and all the leading TV media is covering it as a breaking news. My faith in Indian media has been lost forever. Now comes the ‘even more interesting’ part – Indian politicians are making a big deal out of it; as if they’ve nothing else to do (…and we can understand it because they really have nothing else to do!).

SRK Detained US Airport Yale Address

SRK, Everything Okay?

So, India’s taking it ‘personally’ that it’s film celebrity was detained at the US airport and if my memory serves me right; this is not the first time! Earlier too, SRK was questioned by the security at US airport. I think it’s completely justified but what’s alarming is why is SRK detained several times. Is something wrong, SRK?


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