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How To Identify Your Passion?

By on Apr 22, 2012 | 1 comment

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Everyone tells you that you should do or get engaged in what you really love to do. Because that’s what really matters and keeps you happy. “Follow Your Passion!”, they say. The biggest problem, however is, no one tells you how to identify your passion. Until now, I used to think that there’s no concrete way of finding out our own passions. But some deep thinking revealed to me that one can easily find out whether what they are doing is really what they’re passionate about. How? Well, it shows!

Being passionate is often confused with something that you like doing. There’s a difference between doing something that you ‘like’ doing and ‘love’ doing. ‘Love’ – calls for greater intensity. Let me explain with my own example. When I was in standard 10th, I developed passion for Guitar. How do I know it was ‘passion’? Well, it so happened that MTV aired Lucky Ali’s ‘O Sanam’ music video and I was watching TV. I loved the sound of Guitar so much that I kept on listening to the song again and again. What I ‘liked’ in the first go, turned into ‘love’ and then into madness. There was no Internet in those days (at least, accessible to me) and my only source to feed myself with Guitar was music channels. I’m not exaggerating, but I’ve sat in front of TV hours waiting for a song that had acoustic guitar in it. I was mad; and I know how it feels like to be mad about something.

Soon, I began enquiring among friends about Guitar teachers in my colony and unfortunately there was no one. But trust me, that didn’t shed my love for Guitar. After clearing the std. 10th exam, I moved to another city and my mom found me a guitar class! That was it! I went to Guitar class and was *AMAZED* to see others playing guitar. I just loved the sound of the instrument. I loved it so much that I’d stop playing and keep listening to others in my class. Unfortunately, I couldn’t continue my class because I was preparing for HSC and IIT at the same time; and that’s kind of a big deal for anyone who belongs to Maharashtrian family. Our idols are those who crack HSC with a merit rank. Anyway.

HSC results were declared and scored awesome! The gift I got – guess? – my first acoustic guitar! The next day I joined guitar class again. I learned everything from scratch and now after 10+ years of playing the Guitar, I still feel the same intensity! Learning to play the Guitar isn’t an easy thing. Just getting one chord right requires hours and hours of practice. That’s why people join Guitar class with all enthusiasm and quit within the next 10 days. Reason? They aren’t *MAD* about playing guitar. They are not ‘passionate’ about Guitar. I even remember when my new Guitar teacher refused to accept me in his class; I kept on begging and requesting him for about 1.5 hours! Why? Because I knew he could teach me the things I wanted to learn. You won’t do that unless you are *MAD* about Guitar.

So why tell you all this?

…because identifying your passion is just the same as finding out what are you mad about. What makes you *restless*? What attracts you to it no matter how busy you are? What makes you sleepless at night? What makes you want to get up early in the morning? What keeps you entertained no matter how many failures you face? – THAT IS YOUR PASSION!

So unless the above applies to what you are doing currently (or planning to do), you haven’t found your passion. The only way to discover your passion is to keep on doing various things you ‘like’ to do.  Or just look back in retrospect and discover what was that you’ve been doing without getting bored? That might just be your passion.

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  1. Kunal

    May 12, 2012

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    passion is not about not fearing about failures ..its about believing that one day, it will be achieved..

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