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I killed my precious time but you shouldn’t

By on Apr 26, 2012 | 1 comment

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In the lats two weeks, I’ve totally killed my precious time that I could have invested in growing my venture and offering more value to people. But instead, I kept on focusing on the things that didn’t work; hopelessly trying to make them work. After wasting so much of time, I’ve realized that one should always focus on things that work and can be improved. While it’s important to fix the broken things; it shouldn’t always be your focus.

I almost convinced myself that I won’t be able to focus on the most important tasks until ‘XYZ’ is completed. So instead of doing something constructive, I lost all the time in ‘waiting’. I should be back to what I love doing.

So take my advice: Focus on the things that matter the most. Instead of sitting idle, do something that can bring you returns.

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