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Don’t Make Me Repeat ‘Again & Again & Again & Again x 10000’

By on May 1, 2012 | 4 comments

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Okay, all the grammer heros shut up! I know that ‘repeat again’ thingy is not accepted. But then this English language does not offer me any other better way to express my anger!

Repeat Repeat Repeat

Repeat Repeat Repeat

We Indians have this nasty habit of ‘Not Getting It’ in the first shot! You can experience it every day. When you’re driving your car you come across a lady on ‘Kinetic Honda’. You blow your horn once assuming that the lady will get out of your way but she’d completely ignore you. Then you blow your horn louder and longer to make yourself heard. But nada! Doh! Then you repeat again and again and again before she ‘gets it’ that you need to overtake her and for that to happen, she must align her vehicle on the left side of the road.

It happens every day, every time!

I remember I had to repeat instructions at least 20 times before my ex-colleagues would ‘get it’. They would simply forget it as if it was natural to do so. Unless I repeated or shouted; they’d not take me seriously! Then people would tell me I shouldn’t be angry and treat people with care and politeness. Holy crap! It takes two to tango! I was serious the first time – and had you listened to the things I told you; you’d not have had my wrath. Why make me repeat the things 200 times when eventually you’d end up doing what I told you?

My mother tells me to be nice with people. I try to be, but then I’m not taken seriously. That’s strange! Unless I shout, people think I’m not serious! Treat them ‘the way you want them to treat you’ and the world will move at snail’s pace. I don’t get it, why people don’t get it!

I now know why Steve Jobs was infamous for shouting at his people. How else would you expect people to aim for perfection?



  1. Rajeev252

    May 1, 2012

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    // ow know why Steve Jobs was infamous for shout at his peop//

    dont you think ‘shouting at people ‘ is the correct usage here…i am sorry if i am wrong

  2. Circularsquare

    May 1, 2012

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    There is nothing wrong with the phrase ‘repeat again’ , I think. Suppose you a statement for the first time. Lets call it A1. 
    Then you utter a copy of A1 . Lets call it A2.
    After A2, you utter another copy of A1. Lets call it A3.

    You can say A2 as repeat of A1.
    And you can refer to A3 as ‘repeat of A2’ or ‘repeating again of A1’ (or even ‘repeat of A1’).
    There doesn’t seem to be any issue grammatically.


  3. Michael

    July 9, 2012

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    The English language offers you: “Dont make me repeat myself, time and time again”. Please, dont accuse the English language of lacking exactitude, there’s a reason it is the language of science.

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