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This Blog Has Turned Into A ‘Complaint Box’ – No Solutions Offered!

By on May 1, 2012 | 14 comments

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One of my readers informed that my blog has turned into a complaint box where I keep posting my complaints against the world. So I just looked at my blog and I didn’t find anything out of place. This blog is doing what it’s meant to do : to find out stupidity in what people otherwise perceive as ‘normal’. So typing at 20 wpm without any desire to improve is stupid. Boasting about how you don’t get leaves at your job is stupid. Not wearing helmet when riding a 2-wheeler is stupid. Not wearing a seat-belt in a 4-wheeler is stupid, spending more than 10 minutes on Facebook every day is stupid, going to the job you don’t enjoy every day is stupid, getting an MBA degree is stupid and so on.

Why Don’t I Offer Solutions To The Problems I Identify?

Because you boring, dull people have no desire to improve. You’re just dumb-ass lazy people who love to hit like button on FB. All you want to do is appear ‘busy’ all your life while you entertain yourself with various stuff; without doing any serious work.

Go away!


      • Durga

        May 3, 2012

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        /irrelevant to post/
        new ‘in’ abusive lingo. shut the fuck up.I have concluded it long ago, when we fall short of purposeful vocabulary , we end up ‘filling’ the sentence with the ‘fuck’ word :D.

        • Sudhakar

          May 21, 2012

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          Not only US have freedom of  Liberty.
          Every Indians feels, they have rights to share what they think ( freedom )
          Let him.

  1. Hellokguru

    May 2, 2012

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    “dumb-ass lazy people who love to hit like button on FB. All you want to
    do is appear ‘busy’ all your life while you entertain yourself with
    various stuff; without doing any serious work.”
    SPOT ON!! 😛

  2. Hello World,

    For the uninitiated, I am that “reader” who informed the author of this blog that I felt that his blog had become a complaint box and he could probably do more than rant out and try to maybe pitch in with some solutions / suggestions to rectify the stupidities he is pointing out !!

    I didn’t even want to comment here for the fear of being thought as reactive to a not so useful post but I couldn’t help myself after I read a post about the TV show “Satyameva Jayate” from the same author.

    Unfortunately, some of the content which I am mentioning now has been striked-off, but I do believe that it is something that the “Big K” does indeed believe in –

    “We are aware of the problems and reality and we don’t need another show that plays with our emotions by making us aware of people’s problems. I’m not a stone! I know problems exists but what I badly want today is a solution! Not more familiarity with problems!
    Satyamev Jayate seems to be a show that aims to reach people’s hearts through melancholic emotions. Haven’t we had enough of them already? The show’d have been really ‘awesome’ had Aamir Khan offered some or the other way to fixing these problems.”

    And of course, it is another thing that Satyameva Jayate does indeed go beyond just talking about the problems gripping our country.

    If Mr. Kaustubh, himself has such expectations from someone like Aamir Khan, was I really wrong in expecting something similar from his blog? Maybe I was, but I didn’t think so… I am also aware of the common stupidities that he points out so regularly and I am sure most of us are not involved in them. Do we really need another blog which does not go beyond pointing the mistakes? I am sorry to say, I would have loved your blog even more had you offered some or other way to fix those stupidities !!

    Maybe I was the victim of wrong expectations, eh?

    And on an ending note, what really hurt me was the sweeping generalization that some of his statements make, for instance:- I am pursuing an MBA degree and I am very clear as to why I am doing it – so does that make me stupid? Seriously? No.

    Please excuse me if I offended you with this comment – had to get it out from my system 🙂

  3. Forgot to add this – 

    Thanks to Aamir Khan for not dismissing all of us as boring dull people who have no desire to improve. Maybe you are an over-optimist or are just trying to make money off your shows’ ads… but at least some of us who are not dumb ass lazy people would try to do our bit to get rid of some of the problems.

  4. notafananymore

    May 18, 2012

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    sad….. i now feel that you are aslo one of those stupids that you regularly talk about. 

  5. Saandeep(ES)

    June 4, 2012

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    Why do you want someone to offer a solution?  A blog is something we write what we want. Its not a question bank or all in one which has questions and answers, here problems and solutions.
    Suyash, I am not personally answering you, I am answering my answer to all those who needs someone to come and give them the solution they need!  take or not I dont mind or care.

  6. sanjeet

    November 27, 2012

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    Sir mujhe bina matlb blocked kiya gaya hai na hi msg kr pa rha hu na hi like or na hi comment plz unblocked me

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