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Satyamev Jayate Show Review. Aamir Khan (Update) Rocks!

By on May 6, 2012 | 7 comments

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The show is nice. The show started on a boring note; but got interesting after 15 minutes. Keep up the good work, Aamir! Deleting the following. But if you launch season II of the show, consider the last paragraph –

One of the only actors in the Indian movie industry who I really admire is Aamir Khan. He’s the only one, in my opinion, who gives us something fresh and entertaining every time. So the promos of his new show, “Satyamev Jayate” wanted me to turn on TV at 11 am on Sunday. First 5 minutes into the show and I know what to expect and I gathered enough information to write this review. Unfortunately, the show does not live up to my expectations. Satyamev Jayate Review

Continuing from the introductory narration to the show, we all know that we all would get a Z minus on our post-independence performance. We’ve totally failed to achieve even the 0.01% of what we were (‘were’, not ‘are’) capable of. It’s the hard and sad reality that our beginning wasn’t great; for we never ‘won’ our freedom. The British decided to setup the brown-skinned rulers who were British at heart before leaving the country so that they can continue ruling it from their own countries; without sacrificing even a drop of blood fighting against the locals. That’s another story though! The point is, we’ve failed!

…and that failure has led us to creating a society full of problems. We were systematically taught to be ashamed of our own history. People have the worst of the problems; not they they are unique to Indians, but give me a break! Half of us have convinced that nothing will ever change. We are aware of the problems and reality and we don’t need another show that plays with our emotions by making us aware of people’s problems. I’m not a stone! I know problems exists but what I badly want today is a solution! Not more familiarity with problems!

Satyamev Jayate seems to be a show that aims to reach people’s hearts through melancholic emotions. Haven’t we had enough of them already? The show’d have been really ‘awesome’ had Aamir Khan offered some or the other way to fixing these problems. Big thing, right? But that’s what we’re used to getting from Aamir Khan. Explain to people what Lokpal Bill is about in interesting way. Tell people about India’s glorious past, science, technological innovations in an entertaining manner. Tell people about how the problem of Black Money is the root cause of most of the problem this country faces. Tell them how their support can help in brining it back. Teach people the importance of “Swadeshi”. Tell people how can they do small things that result into maximum impact! Make people aware of the basic laws and rights. Use your entertaining skills to entertain and educate!


…and I want to know why is this show titled “Satyamev Jayate”.


  1. Rajnish

    May 6, 2012

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    this show is tremendous i m from rajasthan i know most of the drs r doing  foeticide in mothers womb .if people like aamir come and join this type of sond against malpractices definately we youthcome and support the aamir.and though this he doing the job of real hero

    • Rimpa

      May 10, 2012

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       I do agree that Satyamev Jayate is a noble effoert, but at the end of the day it will not appeal to the masses who are actually involved with such crimes. All of us know that these things are happening and people who really feel for the issue doesnt need a Satyamev Jayate to be awakened, while people who are doing it will not FEEL any guilt after watching the show. What this show can do is to pressurise the governent to punish the guilty. I would also suggest that the faces of the criminals beshown on the show. That will be a great way of paying them for their sins!

  2. Privpak

    May 6, 2012

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    See Dear Big K , this is all about TRUTH and sadly truth has to cast/present in a very professional way , BECAUSE there is another thong which is EGO , when this comes into picture TRUTH has to throw in dustbin. AMIR said na “Lageg, DILpe lagagi” and I think Amir knows how to cheat EGO , so better to start with silient entry.
    Jado ki chadi to hum hain 

  3. jai hind

    May 7, 2012

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    i am shahrukh fan but i dont like all his movies…
    i am not a aamir khan fan but i like his movies..

    i liked the below comment except for the one about Ra one…i didnt liked ra one…but i am his fan because he is an actor who brings smile on your face…and he is a great entertainer too including a great host..its his choice what movies he wants to do..

    about aamir he makes movies sometimes on social issues and movies often have a message…i admire him for that..

    for satyamev jayate…yes it is overhyped…for the simple reason being such programs has been hosted by many people before…and they have done without monetary gains…

    i admire aamir that he has made a show on these issues and it is reaching the masses…

    the show should show true emotions because the issues are real and those people narrating their issues are real..

    i dont follow a thing just because a star has done it..good things should be appreciated whether its done by a common man or a star…

    i saw the show for five minutes and switched it off…because the promos showed something else…i was expecting something else…the promos should have highlighted the format/content because the issues were so powerful that it could gone positive only…also i switched it off because i have watched such shows and the desire to help and understand issues and people should come from within and one can get the message either from a not so hyped show or from Aamir’s show…people should not forget about these issues or the concerns after the 13 episodes..but this should be implemented by each of us…thats what the message of Aamir’s show too..the change has to come from each one of us..

    jai hind !! satyamev jayate…

  4. jai hind

    May 7, 2012

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    there was a comment about shahrukh and aamir on another site…so the below comment initially  is related in that context

  5. Poonam arora

    May 21, 2012

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    i am poonam based in delhi i am closely whaching the show amir is doing wonderful work he is picking a very serious issue of society but last epesiod was telecast on last sunday was based on dowry it is very unfortunate if parents refuses to give then girls are not getting married but when they suffer no when listen their voice and ultimately when they get rid of it means when they decided to get devorce society to it in very differently and they stared blaming the girl.i have lot to on this and i can also share some ideas if some one contact from the show. 

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