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Dr. Manmohan Singh, Please Quit Politics; Not ‘Public Life’.

By on May 29, 2012 | 0 comments

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India’s Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, has officially replied to the allegations made by the members of Team Anna saying he’ll quit public life if the charges against him are proved. Dr. Manmohan Singh knows that he’s failed to live up to the expectations of people of this country and maintaining his ‘Mr. Clean’ image isn’t helping anyone, but Congress. I used to have high regards for Mr. Singh, but my own analysis of what he did in 1991 made me change my opinion.

Dr. Manmohan Singh, India's Prime Minister

Not a single minister has ever been jailed even after strong proofs of corruption against them. A Raja and Kalmadi are already out throwing parties and enjoying public life; while most of the Indians go to sleep with empty stomachs. Mr. Singh knows that no bloody agency in India can prove anything against him.

You’ve put India into decades of slavery with your financial reforms while appearing ‘intelligent’ and ‘smart’ in people’s eyes. But the fact that you’re leading the most corrupt government ever, with scams worth rupees hundreds of thousands of crores right under your nose makes your whole ‘Mr. Clean’ image suspicious. You just cannot deny that you’ve had absolutely no knowledge of the scams by your team. If you say you ‘really didn’t know’ – then you are not a good leader. If you say, “I knew”, – you are not a good leader that way either.

So, Mr. Singh, Just Quit! Just Do It!

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