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Funny Parents – Speaking English & Eating Dosa With Spoon & Fork

By on Jun 18, 2012 | 0 comments

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I’ve stopped laughing at parents who desperately try to speak in English with their kids. Why? Because it’s not funny anymore. I understand that they feel totally bad that they were born in India and try to compensate by being ‘English’ in-and-out. “Raghav … I can’t be able to cook your breakfast again!!”, isn’t funny anymore. If you love the language, learn to construct basic sentences no? Because you speak incorrect English no? I know you don’t use fair and lovely to look white no?

Dosa With Spoon & Fork

Hands On Dosa No Metal!

Why am I writing this? Because I recently spotted software IT parents speaking English with their kids and trying to eat Dosa with spoon and fork. I’d have ignored them; but eating dosa with spoon and fork is 100% idiotic.



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