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Argument: Even Drugs Shouldn’t Be Banned. Let’s Accept ‘Social Drugging’

By on Jul 1, 2012 | 0 comments

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In my lifetime, I’ve unsuccessfully tried to make my friends quit smoking and drinking. The arguments I got in response were totally idiotic. Large majority of people seem to be in favor of ‘social drinking’ – a trend that seems to be quite famous among the youngsters. ‘Social Drinking’ is a convenient way of convincing yourself that you aren’t addicted to alcohol and consuming alcohol without missing any single chance.

Social Drinking seems to be quite acceptable. You drink for fun, once or twice a week or at parties, celebrations or just like that, without any occasion. You stay within limits, don’t drive, don’t fight with anyone et al. That made me thinking, why not just accept social drugging as well? The concept is simple. Let me explain –

Social drugging involves locking down yourself in an apartment, doing all the drugs in private, without messing up with anyone, without begging for money from anyone and doing it just for the sake of fun, once or twice a week.

I think that’s quite acceptable, right?

Idiot Alert: The post uses sarcasm to make a point.

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