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Alcohol & Troubled Life

By on Jul 3, 2012 | 1 comment

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The societies are rapidly adopting the so called ‘freedom’ in the name of ‘living life’. As I said earlier, everything else except direct physical abuse can be debated and accepted. That’s the reason I see a ton of people right from school going kids to responsible adults strongly advocating ‘responsible drinking’. I don’t get the logic why people are so enslaved by the Alcohol.

“I can have a scotch while relaxing on a weekend, while watching TV” – and there’s nothing wrong in it. Of course there’s nothing wrong in it. I’m not bothered. I’m not bothered even if you commit suicide or eat a dead lizard.

I’ve been thinking about this and trying to related it to my own life. It turns out that most of the people (or almost all of them) have some trouble family life. Either issues in family, or personal lives or professional lives that they take solace in consuming alcohol. Not that they ‘drink to forget worries’, but I guess it’s a sign of a weak mind that makes people booze off and then call it ‘social, responsible drinking’.

When I recalled my friend, all of my friends who had issues in their families were low on self esteem and all of them drink or smoke or do both. Few, who were highly self confident (not over confident) were the ones who’re doing pretty well without turning into social/responsible drinkers.

I think there’s a connection. Calls for some research.

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