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The Questions Indian Electronic & Print Media Should Answer

By on Jul 20, 2012 | 1 comment

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Baba Ramdev was attacked by Congress team in Bhopal. Manak Agarwal, Congress leader from Bhopal has threatened Baba Ramdev if he comes to Bhopal. That’s quite a story for the Indian media. The Indian media, both electronic and print media is quite amazing. I wonder whether we’ll have even ONE reporter in India who will ask Mayank Agrawal about being a congressman and believing in ‘Gandhiji’s’ ahinsa. Why can’t even one media reporter go and ask Sonia why is her party causing all the ‘hinsa’ to people who’ve been protesting peacefully.

I’ve even noticed that the mediamen have repeatedly questioned the ‘wealth’ Baba Ramdev has accumulated. I believe government has all the powers and authorities to investigate and question Baba Ramdev’s wealth and enough number of documents have been produced that clearly indicated Baba Ramdev has no personal wealth and the trusts have been actively investing a major portion of the money they’re raising in social welfare activities.

But show me ONE mediaman in this country who can question a ‘minister’ about his/her wealth in open public or on a live show. That just NEVER happens! I don’t know why? But it does not. I’m still waiting for a live interview where a minister is openly questioned about his decisions, wealth, income sources and so on.

Will India ever see that day?

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  1. peace

    July 20, 2012

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    why do u question such things here??why don’t you ask the media?if u really want to know the answer then u can surely find enough number of ways to question them.

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