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To Tumblr Or Not To Tumblr

By on Aug 3, 2012 | 0 comments

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It looks like I’m beginning to face the writer’s block. Ideas pop up in my head every day but I go blank when I’m in front of the the text editor. That’s very unusual for a professional blogger. I decided to switch over to Tumblr and even created a custom domain for my Tumblr blog. Guess what? I only contributed three short posts to it and I’m already considering switching back to my age old SuperBlog.CrazyEngineers.Com.

There are quite interesting things to share from my recent TEDx talks. I’ve a lot of points to convey to the TEDx event organizers. I’ve spotted stupidity in people management and really wish to put it in a post; but I simply have lost the motivation. I thought microblogging would be great because Tumblr comes with an Android app that makes it easier to blog.

But it looks like I’ll stick to my regular blog and even point my new domain to this page. With the speaking invitations frequency going up, I’m thinking I should make a profile page that gives people a good idea about who I am.

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