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Team Anna Political Party – Will You Vote For It?

By on Aug 4, 2012 | 1 comment

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Yesterday was a dramatic day for the anti-corruption agitation. Team Anna called off their ‘do-or-die’ fast, without getting the demands fulfilled. The team has announced possible formation of a political party and contest the upcoming nation-wide elections. I’ve a strong reason to believe that the next nation-wide election will probably be in 2013 because the current government is already unbearable. I’m suspecting that people will get down on streets even without any call for agitation from a public/social leader. India surely is going through an important phase and it will have an important place in history.

Forming a political party is going to be a bigger challenge for Team Anna. People are fed up of promises to form a ‘clean’ government; and winning elections purely on the basis of the image of the party founders is going to be tad difficult. Congress wanted Team Anna to form Political Party and contest elections because it knows that winning elections is hard. I’ve seen how ‘clean image’ candidates couldn’t even gather a few thousand votes. Elections in India need money power – ability to ‘buy’ people’s votes. The current government does have a ‘lot of’ it. As long as India’s black money is stacked in foreign banks, elections will always be controlled. That’s why Baba Ramdev’s moment has more importance in the whole scene.

Yet, I wish Team Anna all the best and lend my support. If BJP projects Modi as the PM candidate, I’m going to vote for BJP. Else, Team Anna. But that would end up dividing a LOT of votes who are supporting the anti-corruption movement. A better option would have been to seek the BJP & RSS support for this anti-corruption movement and offer a fresh new start to people of this country. IAC volunteers would have played a big role then.

What do you think?

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  1. manish

    August 8, 2012

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    I dont think that team anna will win elections. Its impossible and team anna is getting diverted and i dont supoport them now.

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