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Do I Have A Future, At All?

By on Aug 14, 2012 | 3 comments

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Right now, I’m disappointed. All of a sudden, I’m hopeless. Future looks darker than ever before and the rays of light that we’ve had in Anna, Kejariwal, Baba Ramdev have dimmed. I might be too fast in reaching to a conclusion; but that’s what is quite obvious now. First Anna and Kejariwal promised ‘do or die’ action but aborted the agitation in between. Then people like me found our new leader in Baba Ramdev’s agitation against black money and I thought it’d last until some ‘concrete’ action is taken. But I was shocked and surprised this morning to see that the whole agitation taking an unexpected turn. Baba Ramdev called of agitation without any ‘big decision’ being made by the Government. The whole agitation looked like a big mass gathering that launched verbal attack against Congress Government. The whole issue of the black money and declaring it as a national asset got sidelined with vows to remove Congress out of power.

I’m disappointed.

I thought this time we’d see something ‘future changing’. I thought people make the government come down to its knees. I thought people would make the government quit. I thought ‘good’ people will make the things happened. But those hopes are all gone. I don’t know what’s in future for me. I don’t know who should I look up to for the change that we all sought.

I wonder whether my dream of living in India as imagined by our freedom fighters and the modern day heroes like Late Shri. Rajiv Dixit would ever come true. The leaders we trust in, continue to raise our hopes and then destroy them in a jiffy.

Foreign Country Isn’t An Option Either

A lot of my friends have settled out of India. I wonder if that’s going to be a nice thing to do. People are going to hate me for stealing their jobs and because my skin is black. Plus, as an entrepreneur, it’s going to be a tad difficult job for me to give up everything here and setup in a foreign country.

I wonder whether I have a bright future. What about you?


  1. meow

    August 14, 2012

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    forget everything ! see at the current stage its impossible to change india,the first thing that would pop up in our mind when we think about change is corruption but in reality corruption rose to the level of a way of life imagine if there is no corruption india will come to a grinding halt, all factories and economy everything would stop if there is no corruption as nothing is run according to the rules so first people need to change then corruption can be eradicated but are indians ready for a change? only time will tell 🙂

  2. alka

    September 1, 2012

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    Just liking Late sri Rajiv Dixit, anna or Kejariwal is not enough, directly or indirectly v need 2 b part of their movement.Its a time of great turbulance,kind of fight between demons and gods. if Bhagwan RAM could win over RAVAN with help of VANAR sena, why not each one of us become that small VANAR and b the part of change and just not onlooker, waiting 4 d change to happen.

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