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ELFMD #1 : Wake Up In The Morning With Excitement

By on Aug 19, 2012 | 0 comments

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Starting today, I’m beginning a new series of articles titled “Entrepreneurship Lessons From My Daughter“. I’ve found out that my ~9 month old daughter has enough lessons to teach me about entrepreneurship. Neither me, nor my daughter can commit to a schedule of posts because she decides her own schedule of teaching me newer lessons in Entrepreneurship. I’ll share all these lessons with you as frequently as I can.

Business & Entrepreneurship are hard, especially when you get that ‘growth’ thing in your mind. There are a ton of things that can take the smile away from your face. But the one thing that can do wonders is waking up with lot of excitement about the day ahead. I’ve tried this several times – you wake up with excitement and everything seems to be doable and ‘practical’. My daughter does that every day! She wakes up with excitement about all the unknown things.

Takeaway : Each day brings new opportunity. Be excited about it.

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