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ELFMD #2 : You Must Get Upset At Yourself To Achieve Something

By on Aug 21, 2012 | 1 comment

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ELFMD is a series where I share the ‘Entrepreneurship Lessons From My Daughter‘. I’ve figured out that there’s a lot to learn from my ~9 month young daughter which can be applied in entrepreneurship. People usually advice that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously. I think that might be a right advice in regular life; but the rules do not apply to entrepreneurs or people who are out there to achieve something. Getting upset at yourself is the most basic and necessary step.

I’ve noticed that my daughter has derived the ‘anger genes’ from me. She gets upset when things don’t go like the way she wants. Her ways of expressing anger are cuter; but she does get upset at herself at times. When she can’t reach out to distant objects on the tables, she gets upset and then keeps trying until she finally gets what she want on her own or someone else gives it to her. I think there’s an important lesson there – learn to be upset at yourself.

I think it’s very important to be upset at yourself! Because it’s only when you’re upset with yourself that you do amazing things. I remember how upset I’d get after losing badminton matches. I’d spend hours on badminton court just to vent out my own anger, trying to get my moves right. I’d get upset at myself when I didn’t perform well in exams and then I’d study to vent out my anger at myself. I even remember getting upset at myself for not being able to type faster on keyboard that I decided to turn my self-frustration into improving my typing skills. Last week, I broke 101 words per minute barrier on Typeracer. Even at the Gym, I got the best results ONLY when I got angry at myself that I couldn’t get what I wanted.

I believe getting ‘upset’ and getting angry at yourself are two important things. But it’s even more important to turn all those negative energies to bend the things the way you want. Have you ever turned your anger-energy into doing something constructive? Have you let the anger be the ‘trigger’ to the action that you’ve wanted to take?

Share your experiences, if any.

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  1. Alamelu

    September 12, 2012

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    I agree with your view point as long as being upset does not turn into anger……..

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