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How to clean your eyeglasses & use common sense

By on Sep 1, 2012 | 2 comments

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Since I hated milk and did not eat green vegetables and played lot of video games; the Ophthalmologist rewarded me with a pair of eyeglasses at the age of 17. In the last 13+ years, I’ve wasted spent huge amount of time adjusting the glasses on my nose and cleaning the fingerprints that appear on them out of nowhere. Yes, those who wear glasses have not been able to figure out this mystery of fingerprints on glasses. Being a wannabe perfectionist, I had been looking for the best answer to “How to clean eyeglasses?”. It looks like I’ve found my perfect solution (aka answer).

Upon recommendation of my optician, I went with the costly CRIZAL glasses. Naturally I wanted a perfect cleaning solution too. I noticed that my optician would use a special ‘solution’ from a blue plastic bottle to clean all the eyeglasses. I thought my search for the magic solution is over. I bought the bottle (smallest one) and began using it every alternate day to clear my glasses. What I found that the solution was incredibly incapable of removing the stains and fingerprints from my glasses. My money was wasted. Well, it wasn’t much; but Rs. 10 is still ‘some money’.

Frustrated with the non-functional cleaning solution, I decided to resort to the billion year old cleaning solution that runs through the basin in every household. I simply washed my eye-glasses with water and then cleaned them with the special Crizal cleaning cloth that shipped with the glasses. Hola Boo! I got the glasses ‘restored to default’ (that’s how software engineers would understand it).  So, water, my glasses-clad friends, is the best cleaner of all. Water rules!

As a self-announced deputy of common-sense commission of the world; I needed to figure out why I didn’t use common sense in first place. I was blinded by the ‘illusion of expert’. I thought the Optician was an expert and since he uses the cleaning solution – I should use it too. Happens to most of us, most of the times. There is no substitute to common-sense. Lesson learned.


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