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Sorry For Thalidomide, Says German Company Grünenthal

By on Sep 1, 2012 | 0 comments

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In the 1950’s, a German company named Grünenthal mass produced a drug to cure the morning sickness among pregnant women. The result? About 10,000 children worldwide were born with abnormalities. Some with missing limbs or other ‘permanent’ defects. What happens 60 years later? The company says we are ‘sorry’. The world moves on.

I’ve been wondering what’s going to happen in India? 99% (or 100%) of the advertising done on TV is BIG FAT lie. Put the fairness cream and ‘be confident’. Mix Bournvita / Horlicks in milk to improve the calcium absorption capacity. Eat Kellogs f’kin Corn Flakes to be slim. Bath with Dettol to be germ free.

Guess what? When 20-30 years from now; when we’ll see all the young generation suffering from skin cancer, memory loss and what not; these companies are going to issue a simple ‘sorry’.

A GENERATION is being wasted. We’re looking at it with our open eyes.

…and we think it’s cool.

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