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So who’s “Well Settled” among you?

By on Sep 2, 2012 | 2 comments

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Being a first generation entrepreneur, I’ve always took pride in my venture and the decisions I’ve taken. But the thought of being ‘well settled’ is now haunting my mind. Usually, the salaried folks out there who’ve booked a flat (in Pune) are called ‘well settled’. But in fact, the term ‘well settled’ can be equated to having the following : –

When I look back at the decisions I made, I was never in the race for joining the ‘well settled’ group. In fact, I totally hate the word ‘settled’. I still have lot of fight left in me and I’m not settling down right away.

By the way; I already live a life of a ‘well settled’ man. I’ve often wondered why people think having a ‘job’ is more secure than working in your venture?

How many of you are well settled?


  1. A house buyer

    September 2, 2012

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    Well, have you bought a house and finished with the loan already? Or do you already have a ancestral house so don’t necessarily have to buy one?

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