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Rainy Days By Samarth Prakash – Book Review

By on Sep 6, 2012 | 0 comments

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Ever since I wrote a review of Chetan Bhagat’s book (without reading it), I’m being flooded with requests to review books. It’s supercool when publications send you books free of cost in order to get them reviewed on your blog. But considering that every second book written these days is a love story; I’m beginning to reconsider whether I should really post book reviews. The last two books I received for reviews were so boring that I didn’t post the review (in fact, I abandoned those books after reading first 4 pages). But given my love for all things free; I said ‘yes’ to review the book titled ‘Rainy Days’, written by Amazon engineer Mr. Samarth Prakash. I received the book about a week ago and it was only after the publication’s phone call that I began reading the book; and finished it in just two ‘sittings’, each lasting approximately ~2 hours.

Rainy Days

Rainy Days is story of Raghav (boy from Bangalore) & Megha (girl from Pune) ( ‘Megha’ => Cloud =>Rain, connect the dots ). The two happen to meet accidentally at a stadium and this meet leads to a never-ending chase in Raghav’s life – for love and success in business. Raghav is a startup guy who along with his friends is trying to make (his web-venture) a success while Megha is a typical software engineer working in Bangalore. The two meet only to part for a looooong time only to meet again. The book’s divided into several chapters that take you through the emotions, mystery, philosophy and choices life offers to the protagonists. I appreciate author’s style of describing the situations in a way that make you feel as if you’re a part of the story; but at times, it gets boring (that’s just me, alright?). The last few pages, I believe were totally unnecessary because I’m quite sure the story could have concluded with an impressive twist. The story gets predictable towards the end doesn’t give you any surprises.

I liked author’s style of storytelling with simple words – nothing that makes you refer a dictionary. I appreciate it a lot. I personally would have loved to have more entrepreneurial stuff in the book; but it could have just taken the story off the track.


If you like reading love stories or want a light book to read on a lazy Sunday, grab this book. It will keep you glued to the last page (mostly wanting a twist in the tale). It will make you have opinions about Raghav’s actions and Megha’s decisions. Get the book from Flipkart –

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