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Startups & Entrepreneurship – Do Engineering Students Care?

By on Sep 8, 2012 | 2 comments

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An engineering college has invited me to talk to engineering students about ‘startups’. I denied right away. Because I know how curious engineering students are about starting a venture, working for a startup and becoming an entrepreneur. Yet, the professors insisted that I ‘talk’ to students about ‘entrepreneurship’. I know it’s going to be complete waste of their time and my time as well.

Engineering in India has become a joke. No one; neither the students nor the lecturers & professors are interested in engineering. Parents enroll their kids in engineering so that they eventually get selected in a big name IT company and that’s the end of ‘achievements’ in life. Who’s going waste their time ‘creating’ something?

Yet, there’s a new ‘fad’. There are still a few optimistic people out there who think students should learn about entrepreneurship. I sometimes believe that these ‘optimists’ are actually just making sure that they have something to show ‘related to entrepreneurship’ ┬áduring their annual performance review. It’s a joke. Yet, I’m going to speak about it, because they ‘postponed’ the event ┬áso that I could be the ‘chief guest’. Meh?

I say – don’t even bother about becoming a part of startup, become an entrepreneur. Get a job for yourself, go to office 9-5, try pleasing your bosses, get respect in society, spend your life happily paying EMIs to banks and die peacefully.

Why bother taking paths less traveled?


  1. Deepak Bansal

    November 10, 2012

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    Because students today don’t read to become Engineers, but IITians. Because parents don’t want their kid to become an specialized in his/her field of interest but another degree holder.
    The don’t wish to take risks basically, that’s a mental block, blocking innovations.

    • Shouvik Mukherjee

      November 11, 2012

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      Agreed. Sadly enough, it’s pretty much the same for all the colleges and universities across the country. In fact, even the faculty members show immense ignorance even if a student projects to the desire to DO something. Sometimes, compel them to shut it down, putting ‘internal’ academic scores in stake.

      But I think the Kerala Govt. has a model where if a student attempts any entrepreneurial venture, he is given 10% of attendance and 4% of grace marks.

      This might be a small step towards some small encouragement for student start-ups in India.

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