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RIP, Swadeshi. Welcome Wal-Mart & India’s Death

By on Sep 11, 2012 | 2 comments

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According to the latest reports, the Indian Government led by the Congress Party is all set to announce Foreign Direct Investment in the retail sector. Earlier, the government proposed 51% FDI, but now seems to have settled with 49%. What this essentially means is any foreign company will now be able to set-up their retail shop in India with 49% ownership of it. It was sad to see India dying a slow death but the government has now accelerated the process. We’ll soon see markets filled with American / Chinese / Japanese products which we’ll believe are of superior quality. In return, these companies will take hundreds of thousands of crores of rupees of wealth from India. The mathematics of death couldn’t be simpler.

So wal-mart will come to India. It will buy the vegetables at their own rate ( farmers won’t have a choice anymore, thanks to Government’s policies) and sell them to India and take away majority of profits back to their countries. What do Indians get? We’ve been told that these companies will bring latest technology to India. My foot! Tell me ONE company that’s brought technology to India. Does this government even have any self-pride left? This government is all about begging to the foreign countries for everything! SHIT!

I’m quite sure I might end up in jail after writing such posts because though I’ve my own freedom of speech, the government will now decide what I can speak and what I can’t.

What happened to Mahatma Gandhi’s Swadeshi Teachings?

I remember reading in our history books that Mahatma Gandhi had asked our countrymen to burn foreign clothes and goods in public. But this government seems to have forgotten Mahatma Gandhi and blindly going after the pressure from outer forces to sell India to foreign companies. Haven’t we learned our lessons from the East India Company?



  1. Circular Square

    September 13, 2012

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    I agree with what is being said here.

    Preference should be given to boost manufacturing in our own country. Why bring about growth by attracting multi-brand FDI. It will only boost the services sector. What about the manufacturing sector.

    Any developed country has a solid primary sector. We hope to become a superpower on sevice sector and outsourcing. What a pipedream.

    Anyways, the 8% growth of a few years has also slowed down. Clearly indicating that the way to go forward is to boost the manufacturing sector.

    But the ‘smart’ economists want short term solutions such as FDI in multi-brand retail. Small-scale industries be damned. They don’t care.

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