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28 Days To ‘Identify’ A Problem – I’m Mad!

By on Oct 2, 2012 | 0 comments

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I’ve identified a way to reach your destination – and it could be any destination. I call it the ‘problem solver’ approach. It works like this: You’ve set out a goal. So you take the first step in the direction of achieving that goal. Then you’ll encounter a problem (or a set of problems). So you go on solving that problem and taking a new step. Then repeat this until you arrive at your destination.

About a month ago; I set out to find out what was causing the traffic drops on the site and it took me ~ 28 days to figure out what went wrong. It’s totally exploded my brain inside my skull; but I think I’ve arrived at the goal I set out to achieve – and that is ‘identifying the problem’. Now, I’m taking the first step towards solving this¬†identified¬†problem. I’ve absolutely no clue how long will it take to really arrive at a solution to the problem.

Foot Note: After arriving at the destination; it feels that the problem I identified was in fact very easy to identify. It just took time to ‘confirm’ it. Meh!

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