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So, You’re Not Burning Crackers This Diwali?

By on Nov 12, 2012 | 3 comments

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I see a great trend being followed everywhere and it’s called ‘Green Diwali’. The idea is not to burn crackers because it causes two types of pollution – air pollution and sound pollution. People who aren’t burning crackers feel they care ‘more’ for environment than others (who burn crackers) and I think that’s stupid.

So you really care for the environment? How about taking a public transport or car-pooling instead of driving your car alone to the office? How about turning off your your two-wheeler at a traffic signal if you’re going to wait for more than 30 seconds? How about not-honking like no one’s listening? How about not honking the moment signal turns green?

Most of us have this fake illusion of ‘caring for environment’. If you really do care for the environment and the air – reduce the air pollution that you cause all throughout the year when you HAVE options. Burning crackers for a few minutes on Diwali causes far more pollution than an hour of driving car.

Am I right?


  1. circularsquare

    November 30, 2012

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    Avoid both – doing pollution via crackers and via vehicles. Both are bad.

    And if you think a few minutes of crackers don’t make a difference. Observe a herd of pigeons eating grains peacefully on the side of a road or in a park. And then observe what happens when a cracker bursts nearby. The poor creatures go berserk.

    Further, crackers are manufactured using child labour. The children in sivakasi are made to work in very dangerous conditions and at very low wage.

    My point is there is no lesser evil amongst the two.

  2. The Big K

    December 1, 2012

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    @5f9410b9a2ea4b11a0909c4c2821ed21:disqus : I’m of course aware of the ill effects of burning crackers. The post takes a dig at people who can’t control their own senses and keep polluting.

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