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Why do people acknowledge problems but do nothing about them?

By on Nov 30, 2012 | 0 comments

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People love to talk about problems. People love to acknowledge problems. People love to talk about how ‘life’ offers them with problems. My friends talk about how the EMIs are affecting their lives and decisions, how they’ve to spend hours traveling to the office and back, how the manager is beating the shit out of their lives and so on. The problem they talk about look ‘genuine’, so I ask them “What are you doing to fix that problem?”. I get ‘silence’ as an answer.

Not that they don’t want to ‘share’ their master plan to fix those problems. Not that it’s ‘top secret’. The truth is – all of them have learned to live with those problem given it a lovely name called ‘life’. “That’s Life!” – is the saddest and most pessimistic answer that I always receive.

Why is it that people compromise with their problems and accept them as a part of their lives, when they *CAN* fix them and make their lives better? I think because fixing problem requires you to stretch your brain muscles. It requires you to break your routine. It requires you to make decisions. It requires you to take action. Instead, accepting the situation and living with it seems to be a better option.

Isn’t this ‘compromising’ attitude one of the main reasons we Indians aren’t a developed nation yet? Isn’t this ‘neutral’ attitude responsible for your current situation (however good/bad it is)? If you are reading this post, I want you to tell me why have you accepted your problems as a part of your life and aren’t doing anything about them? Or is it that you’ve turned a blind eye and have started thinking that there’s nothing around you, in your life that needs a serious fix?

Tell me!

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