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The Big K Speaks @ TEDx SITM [Video]

By on Dec 1, 2012 | 2 comments

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I’ve often wondered why people read motivational books, listen to motivational speeches, use motivational quotes as their ‘status messages’ and do absolutely nothing with their newly obtained motivation. The answer is quite simple – because the motivation is ‘external’. External motivation exhibits ‘Coffee Effect’ – it makes you feel super cool, excited and enthusiastic for a limited time and then the effect fades away. The problem with such type of motivation is that it doesn’t do any good to your life. People waste hundreds and thousands of bucks and 10x worth time on finding sources of motivation but fail to look within.

I decided to take up the issue and propose a solution through my recent talk at TEDx SITM. The organisers have finally uploaded the video on YouTube and I’m embedding it here for the benefit (it won’t) of SuperBlog readers. As the title of my talk suggests, this talk won’t make a difference to your lives. But I’d still want you to listen to it, because it might just give a new ‘thought’ in your otherwise tensions/EMI/problem filled brain.

If you think I made sense, I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, opinions on the topic via comments below.


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