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“Little Little Joys Of Life” Is *Totally Over-Rated*

By on Dec 26, 2012 | 0 comments

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Because I’m an entrepreneur, I receive this ‘free advice’ from people who are employee-types (it’s more of a mindset thing) – don’t miss out on “little little joys of life”. Because I run a venture, it occupies my mind for major part of the day; leaving me no time to gossip, watch daily soaps, bitch about people, see other people’s photographs on facebook, forward TGIF emails, catch first-day-first show of latest movie release, badmouth company policies & managers, like status messages of people, keep up to date with who’s married to whom & who clicked new photo in front of Niagara falls, sleep late until 8-8:30 in the morning, blame life, do nothing, sleep all-day-long on Sunday, spend 30-45 minutes travel to office and so on. So, through the eyes of most people; I live a totally boring life.

I’m not complaining.

I’ve done a deeper analysis of what really falls in the ‘little little joys of life’; and it revealed this – Little Little Joys Of Life Is About Finding Happiness In Your Routine. Yeah, that one sentence summarises everything most people take pride in ‘living & having life’. Basically, you do nothing out of your routine; something that requires you to move out of your comfort zone. My thinking has been different ever since I started taking myself a bit more less-casually.

I personally believe I enjoy life more than most people. As a startup guy, I have access to more not-so-common experiences which most of the people will never have in their lifetimes. I’ve absolutely no doubt that I’d not have been invited to Once In A Lifetime Journey to Israel, had I been working for Infosys. No one would have cared to consider me as a TEDx speaker, had I taken pride in calling my 4×4 sq.ft space in the corner of cubicle as ‘office’. No one would have really paid Rs. 1200 to listen to my talks or ‘gyaan’ had I not stepped out. I’m not boasting! I’m only highlighting the excitements in experiencing the things I can/have enjoy(ed).

…and I get to experience all of it without really having to ‘give up’ on ‘little little joys of life’. It’s a fact that I don’t like what most people think I can’t enjoy. I mean, there are seriously, way better, more amazing things in life than checking out friend’s albums on Facebook.

Let’s just say, I’ve handpicked the things I want in my life than just getting ‘driven’ by life.

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