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Dentist Recommended Toothpaste – Stupidity?

By on Dec 27, 2012 | 4 comments

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I spotted an age-old ad today and it got me thinking – should we really use a dentist recommended toothpaste? The advertisers want us to believe that since the dentists are recommending the toothpaste – it’s going to keep your teeth healthy. Of course, the ad will tell you a couple of short-forms they’ve included in the toothpaste which will kill the germs even more effectively.

But if you stretch your brain a bit, you’ll figure out that a dentist recommended toothpaste is likely to do more harm to your teeth. Why? Dentists make money by fixing your unhealthy teeth – and if, as promised, the toothpaste makes your teeth and gums healthy – it will put the dentists out of business. So it’s more likely that the dentists will suggest you a toothpaste that ensures that your teeth remain ‘unhealthy’.

I’ve been using a similarly advertised toothpaste since I was a kid – and sadly, the toothpaste didn’t keep my gums and teeth just as healthy as these dentists and advertisers promote.

What’s your take?


  1. Circularsquare

    December 30, 2012

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    Docs aren’t allowed to recommend health products. I wonder if the rule is valid for toothpastes. And hence I really doubt , if the dentists they show in these ads are genuine ones.

    But isn’t the logic that dentists will recommend those things which keep the teeth unhealthy, a bit harsh on the profession. Let us keep for a moment, the question of ads aside. Consider this , suppose you go to a dentist for a cavity treatment. Presumably because you ate chocolates too much. After the treatment would he/she advise you to continue eating chocolates in surplus, just to keep his/her business running ? I doubt. Point is these professions have certain ethics , and the good docs follow them. Earning money is not the priority , it is keeping the patients healthy. It is my belief that there are still good docs in India who follow these ethics.

    P.S :- Ignore this reply if it is too serious sounding. In case , blogpost is humorous , this comment would act as a dampener. 🙂 .

    • The Big K

      December 30, 2012

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      Aamir Khan had done an entire episode dedicated to the ‘ethics’ followed in the medical profession. One of the incident was recently narrated to me by someone who’s closely related to medical field – about how the doctors ask people to go for heart operations and recommend more costly medicines just for the heck of commissions. Of course, when I generalize, it’s going to hurt a few ones; but that’s not the point here.

      The point is – dentists work to temporarily fix your teeth and gums problem. But the ads are aired to make the people believe that their product is a ‘cure-all’ for your dental problems. Of course, there can be arguments that they don’t ‘clearly’ state that; so my point is invalid.

      In this country – the top folks lie easily. Even the prime minister openly lies about FDI being helpful to India.

      • Circularsquare

        December 30, 2012

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        I agree with you that a lot of dishonesty has crept in the medicine profession as in other walks of life. Much of it has to do with high cost of education in pvt medical colleges. I heard cases where colleges are taking 1 crore rupees as capitation fee. When ill, I make it a point to only visit govt medical college passouts whenever possible. 🙂

        But I had read somewhere that docs in India aren’t allowed to promote any products. Hence it seems doubtful that the white collared men in the ads are real dentists.

        Further, even an honest dentist could recommend a toothpaste if he/she genuinely believes it may help the patient , (provided he/she is legally allowed to do so in ads). The thought of business going down shouldn’t cross his/her mind . 🙂 . That was my only point. I.e

        The argument :-

        cavities = money for dentist ,

        toothpaste = no cavities ,

        Thus , dentist = anti-genuine_toothpaste .

        is not a sound one. This is all that I am saying. 🙂

        It is of course true that products shown in ads are not what they claim to be .

        • durga

          December 31, 2012

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          i agree with CS here.
          if visiting a doc would call for higher expenditure only to get the disease cured for temporary basis, then we would rather not pay a visit to doc at all. true that, there are lot of malpratcises going around in every feild -not only medicine- but geeralising that all docs – sell your kidneys is not right..
          I have personally seen docs say -” you are not in good shape if you ever visit a doctor or a lawyer, stay away from both!”
          also, may be I am few lucky ones who have also seen docs who say -” no you should not take medication for everything, if u want I can prescibe you some for your own mental satisfaction, but you dont need them!”

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