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Let’s Forget All Scams, Let’ Be Optimistic

By on Jan 21, 2013 | 6 comments

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Last two years created a new hope among the Indians that the ‘system’ will change for real – but the news died out soon and was overshadowed by the ‘scams’ worth rupees tens of thousands of crores.

I thought the opposition would strike hard at this opportunity and topple the Government. But the wave had died down; and we’re back to where we were.

Soon, there will be another bomb blast at some crowded place in India and we’ll be back on streets with our ever-burning candles appealing for ‘peace’.



  1. aniruddhabarapatre

    January 22, 2013

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    Opposition is not going to do anything as they have their interests tied in these scams too…And if things do change it will be bad for them if they’re in power…Lets hope for people to wake up…

  2. India Tenders

    February 3, 2013

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