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Everyone Is A “Resource”

By on Feb 7, 2013 | 0 comments

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Hiring for your own company is a completely different experience. I’ve had the experience of most of the hiring process followed by big corporations and it’s completely different. Your attitude when you are recruiting from your employers and when you’re recruiting for your own startup is completely different. When you’re hiring for yourself – you want the best of the best and the biggest plus is that you are in total control of the process.

We recently conducted a recruitment drive at an MBA college and our co-ordinator introduced saying we are looking for ‘resources’. Guess what? That single word made a quick change to my mind and everyone looked like a ‘resource’. The business started looking like a cakewalk – hire ‘resources’, pay them salary and get 10x the money you invest in them. I quickly thought of the days when I was a ‘resource’ myself. We were told that each one of us would bring $1 million to the company per month. While everyone else felt ‘amazing’ and ‘proud’ of themselves, I was shocked. Suddenly my salary looked like peanuts (on the contrary, it looked pretty amazing at the time of joining) being thrown at me for my job.

It’s a fact that HRs are trained to treat the employees as resources. A lot of people get used to being treated like that for their entire lifetime. I am going to make sure that our company treats humans as humans, and resources as resources. Humans can’t be and shouldn’t be treated as resources. The following Dilbert strip is my all time favorite –

Dilbert Resource

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