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What’s wrong with ‘Swadeshi’?

By on Feb 16, 2013 | 0 comments

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It saddens me to see growing number of people who ‘believe’ that anything ‘Indian’ is bad and low-quality. ‘Swadeshi’ is being equated with all things that can’t compete in the global market because they are lower quality. A local ‘dant manjan’ is treated as a ‘low quality’ product than the ‘Close-Up’ or ‘Pepsodent’. Why? because Close-Up and Pepsodent have big bugs to promote lies through their advertisements. I’ll tell you – I’ve been using close-up and Pepsodent ever since I was a kid – and they didn’t prevent ‘cavities’. You lied, ‘brands’!

People are idiots. I’m now convinced that if I tell a lie to people with ‘confidence’, they will believe me. It will take time; but they WILL believe me. All it takes is a great packaging and a few repeated lies to make people convince anything.

I wonder why are Indians so ashamed of what’s ‘their’s and are fond of all things ‘foreign’. We have Italian command and American dreams. I just hope some day things will change and people will realise that Tata is ‘Swadeshi’.

I feel helpless most of the times.

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