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Why It Pays To Be Mentally ‘Dull’ & Why Smart People Have No Future

By on Mar 23, 2013 | 5 comments

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I sometimes feel am convinced that I’m on my way of enlightenment, without really having to do much about it proactively. Just a few few more years of general observation of people and I’ll be there at the peak and retire omniscient. After 31 years of observation (I’m 31), I’ve figured out that the more mentally dumber you are, the better are your chances of achieving success in life and being happy. I’ve also realised that not all smart people will have a bright future. My observations won’t obviously fit the normal frame of beliefs and acceptance, but as they say ‘The Truth Is Bitter”.

Why It Pays To Be The ‘Dumber’ Of The Lot –

We’re in the information age and everyone wants to be ahead of the competition and people think that being smart and intelligent is the key to success in the ‘Information Age’. But the fact is that all of you – who are running in the race for success will end up frustrated. What will frustrate you more is that the dumber people will ‘win’ most of the times. Doubt me? Isn’t that back-bencher in your class (who entered construction business) earning 10x more every month than you make in entire year? Isn’t it true that the guy who couldn’t speak well in class and the one the entire class made fun of, joined Infosys / TCS / Wipro and is now on-site in US and updating his Facebook timeline like mad, making you feel what wrong have you done in life? It’s true. You’ve to accept the truth. But why do dumber people win and are happier than you are? Well, eat this : You’ve something to lose and they have nothing!

Let Me Explain…

Because you were ‘intelligent’, you were expected to do well in exams. If you didn’t score well; you, your parents, your neighbours would feel humiliated. If you didn’t get a job right away through campus, you’d become a social failure and the same would continue when every other Pintoo in your neighbourhood was sent on-site because he’s intelligent (as reported by his parents).  The dumber people will act/talk nonsense, make illogical arguments with you and call it “I speak my heart” and you, being ‘intelligent’ and ‘understanding’ will have to bear the onus of all the shit – because you are ‘aware’ that fights won’t lead to anywhere.

The dull people will become ‘very’ angry if they don’t get promotion / salary increment at job and remain in that state for full 3 days. They’ll accept it and go back to job again, blaming the managers & colleagues. But you, as an intelligent person will start looking for options, new job and end up preparing for interviews, hoping for salary rises, becoming an entrepreneur and in the process will see the ‘downs’…and the dull people will ‘question’ why you did all of that in first place.

Dull people will drive their two-wheelers right in the middle of the single-lane road or turn left after throwing up a right-indicator at you – and if the collision happens, will fight with you with all the nonsense. You will have to get your level down to fight with them and they’ll enjoy it – you will end up frustrated.

Dull people will present you with totally idiotic arguments – that question the basic intelligence – and sometimes, you will have to just stand steady and listen to the crap while they think they’re making an intelligent argument. Because you are intelligent, you will know that the Man Mohan Singh mode is the best to set yourself to.


Being dull and dumb and a mass of flesh has a ton of positives and no negatives. It’s the intelligent people who’ll suffer the most – because they’ll know that they’re suffering. Dull people won’t even know when they’ve failed or suffered – and that’s why they’ll always win.

I sympathise with you, if you are a smart person. Unfortunately, your life isn’t easy.


  1. Aniruddha Barapatre

    March 23, 2013

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    Nicely put. This is something that always bothers me but can’t be done anything about it.
    You are one of my favorite bloggers who always hit the nail and I try to forward your posts to few of my friends who care…

  2. Viteja Ajit

    April 22, 2013

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    I am extremely grateful to you for speaking my heart out…. Thanku very much…..

  3. Manish agrawal

    May 28, 2013

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    yes i agree with you. Today people earning money and invest in buying foreign branded things and says ” i am cool” but they don’t know they are giving money to foreign country.

  4. Saandeep

    September 25, 2013

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    Oooh a solution to my question for years! So the dull people dont know that they failed. I tried to explain, i fought and i am so worried about my friends who are in that category!

    I understood it slowly but after reading this, I see there are people who think like me. People say I am strange and antisocial element!

    Biggie beware!

  5. Sanyam khurana

    October 11, 2013

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    I completely agree with you.

    These lines just touched my heart ” It’s the intelligent people who’ll suffer the most – because they’ll know that they’re suffering. Dull people won’t even know when they’ve failed or suffered – and that’s why they’ll always win.”

    You presented your thoughts very nicely.

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