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How to ‘appear’ successful in life – quick 2 minute guide

By on Mar 27, 2013 | 1 comment

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Getting ‘real’ success in life vs. appearing successful are two different things in life. In the modern world, it’s more important that you ‘appear’ successful (no matter how screwed you are in your life) to your friends, relatives and neighbours than actually being successful.   And you must look successful and happy exactly where the people who matter to you are likely to find you – on Facebook. Today, I’ll give you the ‘guru-mantra’ to be seen as ‘successful’ on Facebook. It shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes to understand it, of course the time may vary depending upon your intelligence. Here it is –

Make the most mediocre & average experiences in your life look super-fantastic on Facebook

Keep updating your facebook timeline until people start believing that you are happy and successful. You should upload all your photos (especially the ones in which you are smiling and are in the middle of the group) and forwarded jokes to your timeline so that people know you are having fun. You should then find your ‘true happiness’ in comments from people that say ‘cho chweet’ or ‘ossssumm!!!!! or ‘hiiiiiiiiii’.

There’s no point in trying hard to achieve something that will give you something that you ‘should’ be aiming for.

All your life’s problems have now been solved. Enjoy.

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