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Rahul Gandhi’s Speech At CII – What Did He Say?

By on Apr 6, 2013 | 2 comments

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Rahul Gandhi, willingly or unwillingly, is going to be the Congress’ candidate for the post of prime minister in Lok Sabha Polls in India in 2014. After a long ‘silence’ (spamming almost about 9 years), he choose to ‘come out’ at the CII conference. I listened to his speech and am now confident that he’s not the person who should lead India. Here’s why –

Rahul Gandhi says ‘Give billion people voice and power’ and they will solve the problems of this country in a jiffy‘. Seriously? Who writes speeches for you, Mr. Gandhi? Who told you that a billion people will solve the problems in a jiffy? If that was to happen – why’d we need leaders in first place? And – when people raised their voices for the Lokpal Bill and bringing back the black money stored in Swiss banks – your government did everything to suppress it!

A billion people are basically clueless. They want someone to show them the direction. That’s why the world has seen exceptional leaders who’ve solved problems. And you say – “Don’t give power to one person, give it to a billion people”. Tell me “how” to do that? I mean, how in the world will anyone or all of us give power to ourselves? My mind jumbles up when I try to ‘get’ what you said.

Then you say we need to change our mentality that “A man riding on a white horse will come and solve our problems”. What do we infer from that statement? I think of following –

I wonder what’s going on in Rahul Gandhi’s mind. I’m surely not voting for him.  


  1. R Vyas

    April 14, 2013

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    Great post.
    He mentions that yoga is in New York, Amitabh Bacchan is seen in Spanish night clubs, people are dancing etc etc etc…my point – other than frequenting night clubs when he’s abroad, what else does this yuvraj do ? His speech to industrialists was complete NONSENSE, not aligned to the topic.

    I’m not voting for him either 🙂

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