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Please Don’t Be ‘Over-Inspired’ By Steve Jobs

By on May 11, 2013 | 3 comments

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Lately, I’ve came across a *lot* of people who are ‘over-inspired’ by Steve Jobs. The ‘over-inspiration’, sometimes becomes irritating when people began acting as if they’re ‘the Steve Jobs’. These are typically the people who read a ton of personality improvement books and then try ‘present’ like Steve Jobs. People do their regular boring presentations ‘Steve Jobs’ style – which in-turn makes those presentation doubly annoying. Know that Steve Jobs used to ‘launch’ buzz-generating products and he had a lot of success to back him. That’s why – whatever he said & did on stage became a trend. It’s okay to follow that trend – but how about having a general sense of who you are and who are you presenting to?

I’ve even observed a trend. People have began naming their organizations, events, pets, products, services ‘iSomething‘. In the last few months, I’ve came across several ‘iSomething‘; and the names no sense at all. ‘iDubba’, ‘iBox’, ‘iTalk’, ‘iStar’ – I mean; why attach that damned ‘i’ before any damn word? Just because Steve Jobs did?

It’s okay to be ‘inspired’ by Steve Jobs. But what at all are you doing with that inspiration? You aren’t certainly changing (or dreaming about it) the world by repeatedly watching Steve Jobs videos on YouTube or reading books & articles on him. Even if you are, the world isn’t certainly taking a note of it. So lower all the ‘over-inspiration’ you’ve obtained from Steve Jobs and put it to some good use.

Just be yourself. Don’t be Steve Jobs II.

By the way, which team is leading IPL?


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