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Our Prime Minister Consults Sonia Gandhi On All Issues That Require Consultation

By on May 31, 2013 | 1 comment

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It’s out in the open. Our prime minister, Dr. Man Mohan Singh has said that “There are no differences between me and the Congress president. I consult her on all issues that require consultations.“- reports ToI. This makes me think what special knowledge or experience Mrs. Sonia Ghandhi has about India, Indian problems, Indian society, Indian lifestyle that she needs to be consulted by a person who’s supposed to be way more knowledgeable with all the advance degrees?

I tell you folks, with such a leadership; this country has no future. You and I can’t do anything about it.

PS: If you are ready to write that stupid “work with NGOs” thing, then get your ass off! Working with NGO is *NOT* the solution to the problem. The only solution is that you don’t consume alcohol the night before election day in 2014 and actually step out of your home to vote for someone who’s clean. I personally am going to vote for BJP if their senior management announces that Modi is their official & the only PM candidate.

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