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The Idiots On Quora

By on Jun 9, 2013 | 0 comments

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I sometimes visit Quora – the question/answers websites where everyone has a view – whether or not it’s in sync with the facts. It’s estimated that about 30% of Quora’s global traffic comes from India – which means Indians are super active on the website. It won’t be wrong to say Quora is the new Facebook for those who want to set themselves apart.

I was going through a few interesting questions posted on Quora and the replies by fellow Indians who think they are rationalists and have their descriptions written as “dreamer, geek, Maverick (every Indian on Quora thinks he/she’s a maverick!), or insert any GRE word here related to personality)”. I was taken aback by the overall stupidity of these folks (not all of you, of course) who pass on their perception as if it’s a fact they’ve derived after years of research. All bull-shit!

What this means is I won’t be opening Quora as often as I used to, saving electricity and my own time.

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