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If Rahul Gandhi Becomes Our Next Prime Minister…

By on Jun 22, 2013 | 0 comments

If Rahul Gandhi Becomes Our Next Prime Minister…

“Stop asking what politicians how are they gonna do it. You’ve to start asking how you’re going to do it”, said Mr. Rahul Gandhi. I think this leader is visionary and wants people to think what they can do for the country and not ask what the country can do for them. He then goes on to say that we must think as ‘young Indians’ and not as a ‘citizen’ (whatever that means). But my faith in Mr. Rahul Gandhi & his ability to lead this country has been restored. I think Rahul Gandhi would definitely become the cutest Prime Minister the world’s ever seen – and that’s exactly what India needs.

I’ve decided to follow Mr. Gandhi’s advice and have immediately began thinking about how can I open a Swiss account and make a deposit there. I’m also going to think how can I amass huge amount of wealth with minimum efforts. Because I’m convinced that when everyone starts thinking like this; everyone will become rich and India will no longer be a poor country or a developing nation.

I want you to comment on this post not as ‘yourself’, but as a young blog reading, Facebook loving Indian.

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