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I feel very sorry

By on Jun 24, 2013 | 5 comments

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…for the kids who’ve to stay at playgroup or daycare because their mom & dad value money over staying with the kid. It’s totally disheartening that in the age when kids need their mom & dad the most; both go work to earn money to buy that bigger LED TV.

Shit #ModernValues.

I feel totally lucky that I’ve figured out way to make money right from my living room while being with my kid all the time. No amount of money or ‘salary package’ would make up for these precious moments I get to spend with my kid. #iamawesome!


  1. The Big K

    June 24, 2013

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    By the way, I know what you’re thinking. “I’d love to be with my kid, but it’s not possible”. If that’s the exact thought that popped in your mind then you’re lacking-

    1. Strong will and determination to make it happen.

    2. ‘Zidd’ to step out of your comfort zone.

    3. Put all the education & your reading abilities to some good use to make it work in your favor.

  2. Have you ever send your child to a play group or day care or school. I think you have not. I feel sorry for those kids who has to stay home all the time. There is a story of a frog who thinks the well is the best place, that’s because the frog has not seen or experienced the outside world.

    Do you spend every waking second of your child’s time with him/her? I assume no because you work from home and do other personal stuff. So you must be having someone to take care of your child when you do that. So why you think you are superior over others?

    Are you planning to do home schooling for your child ? so that you are not missing anything in your child’s life? I hope it doesn’t turn out other way where your daughter finds you over protective. I find kids who gets to see outside world are more confident.

    I send my daughter to a daycare and now school, I can afford to stay home but still I choose to work outside of home. She is 4, she is confident and social and she thinks I am the best person in the whole wide world. I don’t think I am missing anything in life just because I send her few hrs outside home.

  3. Psych Babbler

    July 26, 2013

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    It might surprise you to know that money is required to put food on the table and to pay for the school fees and well, to keep the said child happy for at least 18 years. Not all families have both parents working to buy bigger TVs. It might also surprise you to learn that not all professions offer the luxury of being able to work from home. Kids can learn a lot from daycares too…like independence and responsibility and sharing. So I don’t think you should be feeling sorry for them…

  4. Abhiyumnaanum

    July 26, 2013

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    Taking your point, lets take a family where the mom is SAHM and takes care of the kid 24*7 n the dad goes to work and takes care of the family needs.Do you think the kid will just love the mom since she stayed at home? Iam sure the kid would equally love the dad. I personally think that it’s the quality of love that we give to the kid and not the quantity of love that matters.

    Also, when I try to work from home, I feel I don’t give justice to the kid n the work.i can either concentrate on work or neither take care of my sons need(we don’t take any help from parents n parent inlaws since they need medical attention )

    Like its not fair to compare kids with each other, I feel the its not fair to compare the parenting style. You don’t know what others are going through until you step into their shoes 🙂

  5. MR

    August 6, 2013

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    You shouldnt feel bad for other kids, focus on your own don’t worry about the rest. BTW when i work i work , i dont say work from home and take care of my child at the same time ( that is cheating) cheating your employer . and if you are hiring a chid care person to watch your child while you work from home. ha not much different is it eh.

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