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We Don’t Need No Comparisons #Entrepreneurs

By on Jun 25, 2013 | 0 comments

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I’m not sure if I’m speaking for the entire startup community folks, but I can tell you what I/We get compared with when the society (that is, ‘you’, the dumb people) understands that I/We are doing ‘something on my/our own’. The society loves comparing & forming opinions about other people – without putting much thought into the entire process of judging. I want to declare to the entire society – we don’t need no comparisons!

So, when the society ‘realises’ that I/We aren’t the regular mass, they compare us with these –

entrepreneursThe Over Successful Ones

No one gives a damn though that these guys were, once upon a time, just like how we are today. Some of them got lucky and some of them turned their lucks through sheer hard work and passion. It took a LOT OF TIME before there were recognised as successful Рmaby because you use their products / services or go to offices built by them.

Social Comparison Outcome : #FAIL

The second type of people I/We get compared with are these –


The ‘Successful In Life Infy Guy’

I really don’t have anything against Infosys, but the company’s name has magic to make any dork look successful. I’m using it only as a representative of the Indian IT industry. Comparisons to this random guy makes us look a total failure on all the social and professional fronts. He’s on-site; enjoying life, clicking photos in front of Niagara Falls, sharing them on Facebook like it’s December 2012, has booked a flat in remote area in Pune (or Gurgaon, or Bangalore), is already an established leader (Project Team Lead) and is currently working on world-changing technology using .Net. In contrast, what do we have? This bloody computer and Internet connection and working on products that’s in development for weeks, if not months? Unimpressive! Why should parents be proud of us?

Social Comparison Outcome : #EvenBiggerFail

But there’s nothing that comes closer to doing what you love doing –

Like A Boss

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