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On Being Judgemental

By on Jul 26, 2013 | 3 comments

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Comments on one of the blog post I recently wrote make me look like the ‘Digvijay Singh’ of the blogging world. The post got picked up by BlogAdda and then enthusiastic bloggers started writing how “judgemental” I am and how my opinions & views harm the society (meh?). If these blogging conversations were to happen in real life, they’d be like this:-

Commenter: I don’t agree with your views. ‘All the best’ (sarcastic).

Commenter: You are very ‘judgemental’.

The Big K: Hmm. That is very judgemental.

Commenter: For God’s sake, stop being judgemental! Please?

The Big K: ….

Commenter (thinks): Victory!! These ‘judgemental’ people must be taught a lesson! Who has given them the right to judge what’s right and what’s wrong? In the elections of 2014, I’m going to press both ‘Congress’ & ‘BJP’ buttons on the voting machine at the same time – because I’m totally ‘balanced’ and non-judgemental.



    • The Big K

      August 30, 2013

      Post a Reply

      Well, that’s the point! @kidakaka.

      My views may not go well with everyone’s line of thought; doesn’t mean all I’m saying is wrong or anti-society!

      I’ll have to stop assuming basic intelligence among the readers/commenters and explain ‘everything’ in depth when making a point.

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