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I Don’t Believe In ‘Ahimsa’

By on Aug 10, 2013 | 1 comment

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Like most of you, I grew up believing that it was a man named Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who led Indians to freedom. Then, after reading, viewing & listening; I began analyzing. It turns out that it wasn’t M.K. Gandhi who led us, Indians, to freedom. I think even Mr. Gandhi would have agreed with me. The fact that he chose to ignore the so called grand day of August 15, 1947 (and the true story behind it, which is seldom told) confirms it. Ahimsa never worked in the past. It does not work today and won’t work tomorrow either.

Note for dim witted people: None of this post would suggest that you should pick up a stick and start beating people for the heck of it.

Pakistan attacked Indian soldiers and beheaded them. Indian government is choosing the path of ‘Ahimsa’. It means they won’t do a bloodbath as an ‘answer’ to the attack. This isn’t the first time Indian soldiers have been killed; and the Indian government’s stand only ensures ‘safety’ to Pakistani soldiers. It basically indicates – we are ‘ahimsa-wadi’, you cut our soldiers and we won’t mind. We’ll only do a ‘verbal assault’.

What the…

The Indian Government won’t even do a verbal attack! Why? Because the Pakis know all the Swiss Bank details of these politicians and they use it to blackmail them! It’s so easy for them to scare the hell of these Indian leaders by threatening to ‘reveal it all’.

Look at Israel! Look at the way they protect their soldiers and people. Do you think Israel would survive even for a day if they go ‘Ahimsa’ way?

Indian Government’s ‘Ahimsa’ stand is nothing but an invitation to more Himsa.

I don’t believe in Ahimsa anymore. Just kick the enemy just where it hurts the most and shut them up. That’s how you achieve ‘Ahimsa’.

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  1. saurabh

    August 11, 2013

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    Hi Big K .. A sensitive issue raised , especially because of names taken in it. Non -violence is a very broad term and only a part of it was undertaken by Gandhi. Before Gandhi people like Jesus, Gautam Buddha practiced it . Even the most notorious fighters , the Shaolin Temple trained use non violence.
    But there is a difference between non violence and self respect. We Indian’s lack self respect when it comes to our national flag, national historical places, democracy and everything that concerns a broad number of people.
    The British would not have lasted in India , If we Indian’s had not helped them , worked for them , fought for them but against our own people and countless such measures.
    We , lack self respect for other sports, sportsmen , freedom fighters ( violent or non violent ). We , let our daughters go through a troubled marriage ,but not stand for her if she wants a divorce. We lack respect for a rape victim , for victims of acid attack. We stand only for a cause that the media highlights and then forget it soon ( Referring to Delhi “Nirbhaya ” case ) . Do we respect Sanskrit, Yoga , astrolody , astronomy, etc etc .
    We , as a nation , are going to very low standards, unless we stand up and raise our voice. In Isreal , people have to have a term in the army. In India , ministers say ” People go to the army to die, so if these soldiers are dead we should not make a issue”
    We are the worl’ds most populated country which has the LEAST voice in international forums.
    Have a lot more to say, but a single voice can’t pierce the labyrinth of shouts

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