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How to improve Indian economy – Quick Fix

By on Aug 21, 2013 | 1 comment

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Indian economy is at its worst. We are worried because Rupee is falling – and it does not mean everything was alright when Rupee almost stabilized at about Rs. 55 against dollar. This had to happen because it all started back in the era just after Indian politicians (Nehru) signed the Indian Independence Act, fooling all the Indians that India’s getting freedom. What happened post-independence is very important. The prime minister went on to convince the people of India that in order to build our nation from scratch, we need to get loan!

1985 was officially the year India began facing the heat and it was 1991 when things got worse. Basically, as an independent country – India should have focused on utilising it’s own rich resources, feed its own people first and work on improving exports – something India excelled before the Brits arrived. Enter MMS – the economist and what does he do? The most illogical step ever – open India’s gates to the world so that they could come and loot everything, all in the name of ‘globalisation’.

People start treating MMS as a national hero because the immediate flow of dollars cheered everyone up; without even noticing what cost we were paying!

India needs following ‘desperately’ to fix the Indian economy –

  1. Strong focus on exports and only the very crucial import.
  2. A benevolent dictator
  3. Some pride in being Indian and using Swadeshi.

Trust me, we have the ability to make 1 Rs = $65.

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  1. durga

    August 23, 2013

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    we also need someone who lives in real world, not someone who one day says Poverty is state of mind and another day state – congress is default program of India. :-s

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