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Right To Reject All Is Fine. We Need ‘Right To Recall’

By on Sep 27, 2013 | 0 comments

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The Supreme Court of India has given a new option to all the Indians eligible for voting in the general elections of 2014. The option will be called ‘None Of The Above’ aka NOTA; and SC thinks that it’s the basic right of the voters (which wasn’t given to them for so many decades). It also thinks that when a large number of voters will choose that option, political parties will be forced to choose the right (better) candidates. Negative voting would lead to systemic change in the polls.

I’ve mixed feelings about the ability of this option to help Indians pick up a better representative. First, I’m convinced that majority of ‘youth’ will use this option because it’d be cool to do so. I personally have no faith in the ability of India’s youth to make decisions. Majority can’t even decide whether they want to go into medical or engineering or arts; let alone study and pick up the right candidate who’ll truly represent them. It’s not their fault anyways. We’ve been conditioned to be idiots right from school days – by parents who destroy kid’s thinking abilities by making them think in English and by education system that makes them mug up formulas and remember the things they’ll never use in real life.

So, what’s the fix?

The Right To Recall! It’s 100x better than ‘Right To Reject‘. It ensures that once the candidate is elected, he/she remains under immense pressure to perform and actually do the job he/she is meant to do. If the candidate fails in his duties; the people should be able to ‘recall’ him and send another candidate of their choice.

The major problem we have is not about picking up the right candidate. But it’s about having to tolerate the selected candidate for 5 years. It’s like if you make a mistake; you will have to suffer for the next 5 years and you can’t do anything about it.

Supreme Courts – Give us the Right To Reject!

PS: An appeal to all the voters. In the general elections of 2014; vote for BJP. I’m not a BJP agent; but if you’ve any common sense left – please go and elect BJP. I know they aren’t all ‘clean and good and awesome’; but we SERIOUSLY need Narendra Modi to take care of this country.

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