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Do allopathic medicines ever cure anything?

By on Oct 12, 2013 | 5 comments

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Once of the latest discovery I made is that the allopathic medicines do not cure any disease! It surely was a shocking discovery! I had this vague & random ideas about the allopathic medicines – that they are the laboratory tested chemicals that enter our body, travel to the destination site via blood and start fighting the bacteria or viruses. These viruses eat, sip these chemicals and get poisoned to die or get ‘dissolved’ in them or are rendered dysfunctional. All of those beliefs were shattered after reading a few authoritative looking web pages on the Internet.

I’m no doctor but I can figure out a lot of things correctly using common sense (gifted to me by Mom). So, while chatting with a doctor – I got the secret out. Here’s what happens when you take a pill to ‘cure’ your running nose. The pill acts up in your body and causes ‘dryness’ in your nose & throat. Did you just note what I wrote? The pill would only ‘dry’ your nose and throat but *NOT* kill the viruses or bacteria that could have caused the running nose. Now, I admit that I’ve no clue whether the virus or bacteria cause the running nose in first place. The point is not what ’causes’ it; the point is that the pill doesn’t ‘cure’ your running nose; it only ‘controls’ it!


Cure Vs. Control


So I began my online research on Cure Vs. Control by allopathic medicines. From whatever I’ve read so far – allopathic medicines do not cure anything. They’re, by default, meant to control the symptoms. If you’ve viral fever – and got temperature – the medicines will only bring down the temperature – and not kill the virus itself. The body will get rid of the virus on its own – called ‘self healing’.

I remember an incident from my childhood. I fell of my bike and got cuts on both my palms (I sincerely don’t know how to describe how it all looked like; with my limited English skills). I ran back home and washed my hands with tap water (the one that’s supposed to have all the germs, huh?) The cuts were bad and Mom rushed me to the clinic. The doctor did what he knew the best – asked the nurse to ‘clean my wounds’ with some damned chemical. The nurse did what she was programmed to do – she got a thick cotton dipped in that damned chemical and held it with a special scissor; and then started ‘cleaning’ my wound with it.

I cried madly because the pain – not from the cuts, but the new one from the chemical was totally unbearable. The left hand took about 2 minutes to get cleaned and I had made up my mind that I’d not let the nurse touch my right one no matter what all the medical science would have advised otherwise. I got back home and decided to go with the desi ‘Haldi’ treatment on the right hand. My left hand, which had all the chemicals and bandage to protect those chemicals took a month more than the right one, which repaired  itself  in about 15 days. The lessons were learned. No matter what the Handiplast or Band-Aid guys say – wash your wounds or cuts with clean water and leave it all open to the Universe to heal itself.


So What’s The Better Way To Fix Health?


Remembering – what your grandma told you always – ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Eat healthy , think healthy and be regular with exercises. If you’ve already messed up your health – it’s time to get back to ‘Yog’ – the one Swami Ramdev brought back to glory from the lost pages of Indian history & culture. It’s miraculous. All that’s needed is being ‘regular’ with it and make it a part of your daily routines just like lunch and dinner.

The human body is so amazing that it’s capable of healing itself.

PS: Response to idiotic commenters even before any comments are made on this post –

This post is about ‘general health’, and that’s all about it. I am fully aware of the advantages of modern medical science during medical emergencies and surgeries. So use some intelligence when commenting on this blog.


  1. Aniruddha

    October 12, 2013

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    That’s what I always felt and try to stay away from new age pills as much as I can. All of everyday herbs that we have at home e.g. turmeric, ginger are enough to cure common diseases.
    Recently I got sick and first couple of days tried allopathic medicine, which as usual didn’t help me at all. Finally switched to milk, turmeric and honey formula. Obviously people around me started advising as to how I was doing ill to myself and I had to show them the web pages stating advantages of these home remedies.

    • james

      January 6, 2014

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      Super K….first time reading ur blog.its Simple,Interesting,Funny and with loooooooooooot of COMMON SENSE.

  2. Alamelu

    October 15, 2013

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    Completely agree and not to forget Tulsi and ginger for the cold and Haldi for any cuts/bruises…

  3. Divya

    November 3, 2013

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    I agree. Completely.
    I was suffering from dengue till a few days ago, and my mother cured it completely with desi-medicines. I did not take ONE allopathic (even the spell-check does not recognize the word, no wonder 😛 ) medicine for the same 🙂

    • The Big K

      November 3, 2013

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      Care to share what desi medicine did you use? I’m sure a lot of people would benefit.

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