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Why I Don’t Donate Money To God; And You Shouldn’t Either

By on Nov 9, 2013 | 4 comments

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Several years ago, I decided that I will not donate money to God – that is I’ll break away from the habit / temptation of offering money at temples or any holy place I visit. In short, I stopped doing business with God. I figured out that God doesn’t need money and he/she won’t really be happier if his/her overall monthly collection crosses a limit. Which means the money donated will go to the trust responsible for managing the temple and will either use it for some good deed or stack it up in vaults to be unearthed after centuries.

Why not donate that money to the underprivileged or the needy?

So my latest strategy is to donate money to whoever is underprivileged or needy. What I do is keep the Rs. 5 coins handy (they anyway make holes in the wallets, literally!) and hand them over to the beggars at the traffic signal. Rather than donating money in the temple, I donate it to the people begging outside of the temple.

The whole idea is to feed the hungry and thirsty. Have you ever been so hungry or thirsty and had no access to food or water? How did you feel?

Case Study –

You promised to the God (of your choice) that you will donate Rs. 10,000 if a long-standing wish of your gets fulfilled. The wish actually comes to reality and you want to ‘keep your word’. I recommend that you divide all that money into equivalent Rs. 100 notes and then hand it over to the next beggar that comes your way. I’m quite sure you’ve never handed over Rs. 100 to any beggar, and I’m equally sure that the beggar’s never had anyone give away Rs. 100. You make his/her day; possibly enable them have food / water & medicines and give them a reason to be happy. What’s more awesome is that you can do this 100 times and make 100 humans feel better.

I hope you go the point.


  1. Sundeep

    November 11, 2013

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    Here is an improvisation:

    Wherever me and my better half is eating at roadside eateries, very often we come across kids/elders begging for money. What we do is buy them something to eat from the food stall of their choice without bothering about the price. And believe me, the kid/elde actually enjoys the food more rather than money.


    • The Big K

      November 11, 2013

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      That does sound like a better thing to do. Good to know I’m not the only one.

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