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Do you still have faith in Indian judiciary?

By on Dec 7, 2013 | 2 comments

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No matter how big of a legal mess you get into – you are more or less expected to say “I have full faith in judiciary”. But day by day, I seem to be losing faith in the so called judicial system in India. I find it incredibly ridiculous that the lady justice wearing a blindfold. I mean, why the heck on this Earth she has to go by which party adds more weight to the weighing balance. It’s kind of similar to my University – where the scoring was purely based on the number of supplements you attach to the main answer sheet – giving an impression to the evaluator that this candidate he/she is evaluating has a ‘lot to write’ – and therefore everything written in the answer sheet is correct. That’s pure bullshit!

I know all of that ‘equal justice for all’ under any situation. But isn’t the system flawed? Under the current system, my total chances of winning depend on how good my representing lawyer is at tweaking the laws and deriving favorable meanings from every testimonial and situation and relevant sections in the book of law. If I want a lawyer who’s great at doing it – my chances of winning are high; if I’ve no money to pay to the lawyer – I don’t know how much of ‘efforts’ he/she will put in fighting for justice for clients.

Maybe that’s the reason Sanjay Dutt has been able to get a third payroll in the last 3 months; and the latest one will be for 30 days! What kind of joke is this?

Do you still have faith in Indian judiciary?

PS: I know what we have today in India isn’t ‘Indian’ judiciary. But a copy-paste of flawed judicial systems that exist in other countries.


  1. Soham Roy

    December 22, 2013

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    Not just in India…Law and pretty much everything else can be bought over Money…India just happens to be a little more inclined towards Corruption…

    On the very different note…I love your Site template…Absolutely amazing.

  2. Vishal Sharma

    December 26, 2013

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    Very true, I have always been a very big fan of yours. Thanks for articulating the things we bypass or ignore in a magnificent way, love u brother. Any future plans to step in and correct the system?

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